Wednesday, 20 February 2013

In Bristol

In Bristol, there was a low spring sunshine, everybody that Perran and I encountered, both town and gown, was friendly and there were good shops for vintage clothes and records.  Perran bravely inveigled his way into a dance class and found out some more about the dance society. 
There were also some oddities – a large camp art exhibition at the RWA which seemed to be dedicated to cats and dogs dressed up as royalty – can’t be certain of this as wasn’t inclined to pay the entrance fee to see more.
Also, all the university buildings seem to have been built at double human scale, with porticoes that would accommodate giants, but the students were actually the same height as everywhere else.
We got unexpectedly detailed service at the Co-op when we asked which of the huge bank of bottled drinks were included in the “meal deal”.  The young assistant went along,
“That one is, that one isn’t, that one is, that one is, that one is, that one isn’t….”  A small audience had gathered by the time he finished.  We didn’t like to point out that we only really needed to know about the coke and smoothie that we held in our hands.
So far Bristol has charmed us.  The official open day is today.  Let’s see.