Sunday, 31 March 2013

Misplaced Trust

It’s been a long term with the weather lending it an additional bleakness.  Perran and Carenza now need to revise in earnest for A2s and Pascoe for his finals, but we were naughty parents and decreed a single family day out yesterday.

We visited the Ansel Adams exhibition at Greenwich on the recommendation of my friends Helen and Gill.  The photos of American landscapes were so vivid you could smell the pine needles underfoot, feel the breeze on your skin. 

But as soon as we left the museum, we could feel more than a gentle breeze – a biting East wind was  good for our cultural education, driving us into St Alfege’s Church (designed by Hawksmoor), and into the chapel and painted hall of the Royal Naval College.  But our big mistake was to climb the hill to the Observatory.  (Okay, okay – my idea.)  For some time we had been noting the interesting light and the slate grey clouds, but had trustingly believed the BBC website which had predicted a dry day.   

We discovered that our trust had been misplaced only at the top of the hill when we were a very long way from cover and it started to hail. How amusing we all looked with our scarves wrapped round our heads – I would have taken a photo if I hadn’t been so busy grumbling and whingeing.   

At least sunbathing isn’t going to tempt the children away from their revision this holiday.