Friday, 26 April 2013

First Exam

I go to see Carenza off and wish her well.  Today is her first exam, a French oral re-sit.  As she opens the front door, the light catches her clothes. It flashes off the sparkly studs in her ears, glints on the sequins on her dress, shimmers on the glitter on her shoes.  After she has gone, I wonder whether that is the most suitable clothing for an interview-style exam.

Later, I text her a question mark and she rings me back to reassure me that the exam seems to have gone okay.  She sounds light-hearted, which is a good sign.  But I’m still not sure about the first impression she’ll have made in her sparkly outfit.

“Was it an external examiner?”

“No – it was our head of MFL.  Then a tape gets sent off for marking.”

That’s good – their teacher won’t be distracted by a few sequins.  But what about this tape?

“Video tape or audio tape?”

“Audio, Mum. Just the sound track.”

“Oh good. I mean… I’m sure you’ll dazzle them.”