Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dan’s Top Tips on Accommodation (Dan is our friend at Hull University) – Guest Blog

Some places have more or less dedicated buses. In my first year local buses started 3 times an hour from the car park.  How much will a bus cost? I had an annual pass that was over £200. That's equivalent to at least an extra £5 on the weekly rent.
The biggest problem I've had with facilities is fridge and freezer space, followed by sinks.
Consider proximity to shops. It's 30 minutes walk if I go to the local small shop, and shopping at the really big supermarkets is a bus job.  

Sound proofing is essential. One issue you didn't touch on - sex. Students seem to have a lot of sex, or at least my neighbour last year did. I don't think he ever realised how thin the walls were, but we did.  Where I am now is better, although with windows open you can still get to know your neighbours’ habits very well.

I've found an en-suite useful. We do get the cleaner in once a week. Even if we didn't, I would still think an en suite was worth it for the privacy.
Storage is crucial. My room is so much more cluttered than it need be, because there aren't any cupboards.

Finally, on holidays, moving out is a real pain – try and find somewhere you don’t have to.
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