Monday, 6 May 2013


Important Cups
“What about the ‘Perky Award’ for best bum?”
“How about the ‘Get a Room’ prize for the couple least able to keep their hands off one another?”
“I know – person most likely to become a Cannibal!”
“Yeah, I’ve got a few nominations for that one.”
“What are you guys up to?” I ask Perran and Carenza.
“Leavers’ assembly  -  we need to invent some prizes.”
“I wonder what you two will win.  The bare-faced cheek medal?”
"Actually, we're hoping for best twins."
"But you are the only complete set of twins in your year."
"Seems like a good bet then."
“A changeling?  A baby that the fairies left?  Who would believe in such a thing?”
Drolls and Weirds a historical romance of Cornwall, available soon via this website.