Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Right College? II

As mentioned, I have been accepted to undertake a PGCE course at The Faculty of Education in Cambridge.  I also had to apply to a college and naturally picked my old alma mater, Girton, four miles from the Faculty of Education.

However, I have discovered if I am lucky enough to get a parking space at all, it will be my college which allocates it to me.   

Jenny suggested that I might like to drive an hour and a quarter through the rush hour to a hostel which Girton owns then cycle the remaining two miles. 

To which I reply, “What kind of friend are you, Jenny?”

Dan thought I might be able to drive from home to the next town, park there, then take the (very) leisurely train ride to Cambridge, then walk. 

Dan, henceforth you are a stranger to me.

Instead, I Google Homerton College, well-known for its links with the Faculty of Education.  Although I have arrived here with a specific query about car-parking, their website convinces me that Homerton is where I should have applied to in the first place.  They are impressively geared-up to support PGCE students.

Just how difficult is it going to be to swap colleges?


“How could Sarah have vanished so completely?”

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