Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Theory Driving Test

A while back Perran and Carenza conducted a side by side comparison for their theory test.  Neither of them was overly well prepared for the test on Friday, but finally it was Thursday and the matter could no longer be ignored, or could it?

One of Perran’s best friends, Mary, was moving back to the States with her family and it was their last chance to spend a day in London.

Meanwhile at home, making up for lost time, Carenza got out the manuals and CD and spent the day swatting. 

It was half past ten at night and the test was early the next morning – Perran and Mary’s day trip was turning into a night out.  I texted only to discover they were still milling in Trafalgar Square and hadn’t even thought of returning yet.

“Driving Test tomorrow, 9 am.”

They returned before midnight.  Something glinted in the dark.

“Have you had your ear pierced, Perran?

“Yeah.  Camden Market.”


“But there’s some bad news too, I’m afraid.”

His wallet, containing over a week’s wages had been stolen.

The following day, as Mary set off on her long journey, Perran and Carenza went to a local centre and settled down to their test.

The result – both passed.  How did their different revision techniques pay off?  Carenza got a whole two marks more.
Drolls and Weirds, a mystery rooted in the superstitions of Nineteenth Century Cornwall, is on its way.