Saturday, 8 June 2013

Games Invigilators Play

Carenza is grumbling: “That invigilator came and stood beside me for a long time today.”

Perran sympathises: “Yeah, that happened to me yesterday.”

“What’s the problem?  Are they distracting you?”

“It’s just well-known, Mum – invigilators aren’t allowed to read cos they have to watch us, so it’s really boring and they play games with one another, like Go and stand next to the ugliest kid in the room…

“Or, stand next to the one most likely to become a serial killer.”


What other games did they play, I wondered. So I did a little research.  Some are quite dull like counting the number of shuttlecocks caught in the rafters (exams are often in the gym).  Others are a little more lively – racing the other invigilator to be the first to supply extra paper to whichever child has her hand up; walking towards one another down the aisle and having a slow motion game of “chicken”; standing one at each end of the hall and one mirroring the gestures of the other.

My favourite game makes creative use of the large space gridded out with exam desks – invigilator pacman:  “ You need at least two teachers. One person is it. The other has to avoid him or her as you both wander through the rows of desks. However, you can only turn once per row, and you can never turn 180 degrees.”

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