Sunday, 14 July 2013

Young People Nowadays

I’ve been enjoying my London Summer School in Classics, but on Thursday there were two people there whom I hadn’t expected:

Carenza and Bethany were attending one of the classes.

Having been away on their post-exam holiday, they had got back from Tenerife at 3:30 am earlier that day. 

That’s 3.30 am!

Yet Carenza made it in on the 9.30 am train with me, and Beth, having got there by lunchtime, then stayed on for an optional lecture. 

Back home, after dinner, I was ready to sleep/die but scratched some painful progress with transposing dependent clauses into indirect statements (!). I was too tired to judge whether what I had done was accurate or not.  Looking over Carenza’s shoulder, however, I saw that she had translated a substantial chunk of Cicero.

Just the day before, the girls had been swimming from a boat in a blue, deserted bay and had celebrated sunset with cocktails, yet here they were with their sun-burned noses to the grindstone again. 

So for those of you who complain that young people nowadays don’t know what hard work is, or that they show no commitment, may I just say,

“Yah, boo, sucks.”

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