Saturday, 31 August 2013

Recycle, Re-use

Pascoe has been a complete hero.  On the last day of the academic year, he raided the rich heaps left by the bins outside the halls of residence at his university.  He shuttled back and forth on his bike with loads of goodies abandoned by students who couldn’t see any use for a saucepan or a kettle over the summer holidays and little regard for the fact that they would have to buy new ones in the Autumn.    Or, more likely, their parents would.

Yesterday we got it all out of the loft and the twins exclaimed “It’s like Christmas.”

They sifted through woks, hair-driers, can openers and assembled a set each.

The deal is that we buy Perran and Carenza laptops, a nemesis we always knew was coming.  They’re not sure about printers as apparently other people borrow and break them and there are usually facilities for printing.

There are one or two other things they may need but they’re going to see how it goes when they get there.  They will probably have to resort to Borrowing and Sharing at times, but isn’t that what student life should be about?

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