Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Our family usually says a little prayer before meals.
On Sunday Nigel and I are thanking God for our soup and go on to ask a blessing on Carenza taking her finals and Perran his end-of-year exams.
We have just looked up and raised our spoons when Nigel’s mobile gives the bright sound of a text arriving.
It says, “Avalanche has blocked path.  Having to go around the long way.”
Our eyes meet.
Amid the exam stress we have forgotten that Pascoe and Matt are climbing the UK’s second highest mountain, Ben Macdui.
Now we recall only too clearly the twenty mile walk to the foot of the mountain, the camping over night, the snowbound ascent and descent, the ten mile walk back to public transport.

We put down our soup spoons and add another prayer.

Sunday night we are relieved to receive a photo of Pascoe still with the full complement of limbs and without frostbite.

Guess we can go back to worrying about exams now.