What Every New Student Should Know...

Pot Noodle Wisdom
Pot noodles are a precious food-form essential to student survival.  They must be treated with great respect.
NEVER make them up with hot water from your basin.

Cutting Corners

Students can often buy cheaper items than their parents do - but you might not want to mess with shampoo.

Perran and Carenza's older brother gave up on Pantene.
 Forget Gladrags

Many student events are fancy dress or "themed", so rather than spending all your money on flash party outfits, go to Uni armed with a pack of three outsize 'BASICS' white teeshirts and a pack of markers to customize them with. 

Don't Spend on Kitchen Equipment

Go to your local charity shop with puppy-dog eyes and a list and they'll help you.  But don't leave anything you love in the communal kitchen as you may never be able to find it again under all the festering washing-up.  This will work to your advantage if you can manage to hang around until the day after everybody else leaves halls - then you can take your pick of all the unclaimed crockery and cutlery that gets put out with the bins.  Perran and Carenza's brother found enough abandoned stuff to kit them out for Uni, and a couple of their friends...

Student Wisdom from Old Lags

Hey guys my Mum is blogging for UCAS and she's doing a section: "What every Student Should Know" any ideas ? So far I've got :
- If you run out of washing up liquid NEVER use shampoo, you won't be able to get the taste out.

-When you go to Uni the most powerful person in your life is now the cleaner, remember this .

o    Fiona  Toilet roll. Don't run out.
o    Laura  You don't HAVE to go out on Freshers.
o    Daniel  What they said. Don't get behind on your reading, you will have to catch up. Buy cutlery and and plates etc. which look distinctive, otherwise it will walk. Learn to cook. It doesn't have to be great, but know the basic techniques. If you cook it will cost less and be better tasting and healthier than ready meals. A few good dishes may impress as well.

o    Pete  Don't get behind on socialising, nothing worse than a house full of flat mates who think you are an unsocial nerd.... but not to excess :P.

o    Ryan  Don't eat the yellow snow.

o    Daniel  Don't drink so much you consider drinking the yellow snow.

o    Nigel  But I thought the yellow snow was quite tasty........what is it anyway?

o    Vicky  At university there is a triad of factors of which you can only do two, the options are: socialising, sleeping, and doing well on your course.

o    Rebecca  Keep the chopsticks from takeaways as when the bath tub flow is blocked and you don't have mr muscle, etc, just poke around a little

o    Daniel  ^also good for what your flatmates leave in the plughole in the sink in the kitchen.

o    Rebecca  Also separate large packs of meat into smaller meal-size packages and freeze them

o    Ryan  Freshers doesn't have to end at the end of the first week.

o    Josh  Learn that pre-drinking doesn't mean a bottle of spirits per person?

o    Ryan It really means two bottles of spirits each...

o    Josh  I raise you three.

o    Ryan  DEAL!

o    Robin  university will provide you with all the toilet paper you need, the computer science section of the library is always out of date, if its cold/raining/snowing/you dont feel like it 9am lectures are not compulsary.

o    Annabel Don't boil aluminium saucepans dry, don't attempt to brew alcoholic beverages from orange squash or chocolate, don't toss pancakes too high, and never rip the weight off the top of a pressure cooker in the erroneous belief that it is the quickest way to de-pressurise it. And remember that a head of garlic is not the same thing as a clove of garlic... Learn to make cheesecake, you will have lots of friends.

o    Ryan  Remember to treat your student loan as income cos you may never have to repay it!

o    Pascoe  Annabel, but it is the quckest way to depresurise it and as long as you have concocted a way of dealing with the inseuing jet of boiling liquid and gas safely it makes things so much quicker; i always do it

o    Rebecca  'dealing with the inseuing jet of boiling liquid and gas safely it ' that definitely puts people using pressure cookers, lol

o    Annabel  Just stick it under a cold tap!

o    Tom  Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- join societys and meet people dont be affraid of going to events alone! and go even if you dont drink meeting ramdomers is fun,
nothing cleans itself- talk to flatmates get a rota.... or deal
buy beer in bulk when its c...See More

o    Tom  and get involved in the extra student activieties ie formula student or volunteer- gain a good cv= job

o    Pascoe  i've also had these ones form friends -
If you can see your breath – it’s time to turn on the heating
Don’t use the stove for heating
Putting cress seeds to grow in the carpet is an excellent practical joke
A hangover can last more than one day
If you are drunk when u go to bed at 6am you will not be sober by 7am

o    Pascoe  most student housing will be massively improved by the addition of a dehumidifier.

o    Laura  Don't swim in rivers in sub-zero temperatures... oh, wait

o    Don  The shower curtain should dangle inside the bath...

o    Daniel  Not many baths in student accommodation.

o    Daniel  In the absence of a de-humidfier, the extractor fan in the bathroom (if you have an ensuite in halls) works wonders. Once you are in a house you just have to love your mould and silverfish.

o    Pascoe  to be fair our student house has a bath, and keeping the shower curtain inside the shower pan is an eternally aggravating problem with consequences that can only be mitigated by vigorous mopping with the bath mat in what has become known as "the shuffle dance"

o    Daniel  Your student house is a proper house that just happens to have students in it, in cities (I know it's Norwich but you live on the edge) the houses have bedrooms in the downstairs front room. The water gets out of the shower cubicle in my room now, I have a second towel for that.

o    Pascoe  our front room is a bedroom as occasionally is the cellar and we live fairly close to the centre.

o    Chris  Lets see... Do not get into A feud with your neighbouring block in year one, the stains from the egging never quite leave the windows, and they will eventually manage to get inside and steal all your food and throw it back at you. oh and don't be the only one with you window open when people are going crazy outside, you will have various bits of cereal thrown in. Don't be the one who sets off the fire alarm bright and early when everyone has A lay in, you will be despised. Never aim to win/ get into A drink off (involving tequila), you will wake up with A broken wrist. Have fun, but don't miss too many lectures, that comes back to bite you when trying to catch up. For 2nd and 3rd year choose people you can relax with over those you can always party with, when youve got that piece of coursework in for the next day and everyone is getting wasted and hammering on your door, shit goes down. Also don't try to make A tazer to deal with the aforementioned.

o    Chris  Oh and chopsticks are the actual best, get A roll of 100 and say goodbye to ever needing to wash cutlery again

o    Clare F Hobba Gosh - I thought it was all going to be about cutting the crusts off cucumber sandwiches and using the correct fishknife. I'm a little taken aback by the sordidness of some of these, although will never regard chopsticks in the same light again.