Desert Island Students

I asked friends of my generation: What tracks/ songs  will always remind you of your student days and why? (Can include teenage schooldays  too.)

Dawn A Lonsdale - I would have thought the reason was evident

‎[Video] Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties [totp] (Wiggy St Helens UK 2008) Plus Kirsty MacColl at the back :)

Terry Burridge The Carpenters.

       Charlotte Methuen Here we are, merry Christmas - always played at Girton end of Michaelmas Term party. And anything by Pink Floyd for reasons that will be obvious to those who remember Al's record collection. And Donovan, the Yellow Banana song for reasons probably better left unnamed... This could be endless, so I'll stop!

Clare F Hobba Any particular Carpenters' number, Terry, and did you have a special dance to it????

      Dawn A Lonsdale hi ho silver lining was always the last song at our college dos


Lynda Quee Streets of London by Ralph McTell. Reminds me of the Sixth Form doing their assemblies. Every single time they played it. I still hate it.


Mark Osborn "Dizzy" performed by Vic Reeves and the Wonderstuff .....

Clare F Hobba Yes Lynda - I remember. And Mark you are just SO young.


Nigel Harvey I vote for Hi Ho silver lining as well. Last track at the college disco (whoops its called clubbing now...)

Kathy Hobson Have to jump in 'cos I agree SO much about 'Streets of London' Vile message. Anthem of smug with zero genuine empathy. Basically the song's message seems to be - 'if you feel a bit low, don't deal with it - just go out and find someone to pity.' I told my sons they weren't allowed to to sing it at school, and I'd write a note for their teachers if necessary. I'm putting it in Room 101, soon as they invite me on. Hmmm seem to have become a rantosaurus. On a positive note I vote for 'Abracadabra' Steve Miller Band for student nostalgia.


Jenny Burridge I was just about to say 'hi ho silver lining' but see that it has already been quoted twice - third time lucky?


Jenny Burridge Oh, and anything by Tom Lehrer

Terry Burridge That's an interesting connection, Jeff Beck. I used to win the dance contest at our local disco every time with that classic. Happy Days!

Annabel O'Docherty All those and in no particular order, bands and singles: Fairport, Lehrer, Vienna, Bat Out of Hell, Genesis, Steeleye Span,The World's Worst Record Show (remember that?), Peter Gabriel #1, Dead Kennedys (thanks Nick!), that weird German electronic band (ditto), Echo and the Bunnymen, Marrilion...

      Clare F Hobba Rumours by Fleetwood Mac used to mean the evening was drawing to a close.

      Annabel O'Docherty How could I forget Rumours?

      Terry Burridge Evening was drawing to a close or dawn was breaking?

      Annabel O'Docherty Kraftwerk. That's who I meant...

      Huw Roberts College: Rumours (all of); Dire Straits (private investigations); anything by OMD; Supertramp; agree on Bat Out of Hell; selected ELO; the Doors; ...
School: Duran Duran; the ("English" if you're American) Beat; Adam & the Ants; anything Ska; the Police
All for obvious reasons.

       Annabel O'Docherty How could I forget Dire Straits?!?

       David Hicks Rumours, Dire straits, Smetena's Ma Vlast, Boris Godenov, tom Lehrer

       Nicholas Goodwin Fleetwood Mac (Rumours) or Meatloaf (Bat out of Hell) always seemed to be coming from someone's window but then there was all the old records at the Girton disco.

My oldest son, Pascoe asked his generation what songs would remind him of being a student:

Hey guys my Mum is writing for UCAS and she's doing a section about songs from our uni days.
What songs do you guys associate with being at uni and which ones do you think will remind you of uni in times to come?

Whether I like it or not, I think Gangnam Style might feature for me.

Top of Form

Hope you enjoy this song :) Lyrics: You know I said it's true I can feel the lov...e Can you feel it too? I can feel it, ah ah I can feel it, ah ah [x4] You kno...See More
Laura I started listening to this song when I was back in first year, but I've found that it only gets more relevant as I go on and I enter the library at more unsociable hours and increasingly ridiculous periods of time...
Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza ft. Tinie Tempah
I was about to suggest Gangnam Style, but you beat me to it.
Caroline  heheheheeee:

Sak Noel - Loca People (Ultra Music)
Anything in charts during freshers means you love it for uni life!!!
Put your hands up for Detroit! Just came out during my freshers week.
Gotye and his song that overplayed to oblivion last year.
Ashamed to admit it but 'hands up for Detroit' and beyonce's single ladies will always remind me of great times with my uni ladies!xx
Pascoe I have to agree with you on the single ladies but the version that will always bring back the fondest memories is the damsel cover (by Laura and Sara )