Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Personal Statement - The Final Chapter

The clouds part, the sun shines, bluebirds flutter across the sky.  The twins have submitted their UCAS forms.

-You’ve both hit the send button?

-Yes.    x2

I can’t believe that I was out of the house at the crucial moment.  My husband confirms that he has added the UCAS fee.  It must be like the watched kettle that never boils.  I went out.  It boiled.

The next day, Carenza receives an acknowledgement from UCAS.  So does Perran.  Then Carenza receives emails  from three universities, two of whom are also on her brother’s list.  They are all pleased to have received her application.

Perran’s dyed black quiff droops visibly.  Over the weekend, Perran still hears nothing. 

-You were applying for different subjects from me,
Carenza points out.

The cold that Perran has been fending off now seizes control.  On Monday, red-eyed and runny nosed, he makes delicate enquiries at school.   In the evening, finally some university acknowledgements ping into his inbox.  The explanation – it took Perran’s referee a couple of days to perfect the delicate soufflĂ© of praise that she was adding to his application, whereas Carenza’s referee had attached her piece at once.  In the words of Delia Smith, it was One That She Had Prepared Earlier.”