Friday, 14 December 2012

How to Make a Good Impression

“Stop fussing, Mum  – it’s just a little day out to Manchester.” 

“No it’s not.  It’s an interview. You have to make a good impression.   Do you have your railcard?”

“Of course.  What do you think I am?”

I think you’re the person who, last week, had to pay full fare to London because you forgot your railcard.  I manage not to say so. 

But then I notice,

“You’re wearing yesterday’s shirt!”

“Yep.  That was why, when you were asking me if my shirt needed ironing, I knew it wouldn’t.”

Zip it.  Say nothing.  Do not upset Perran before his interview. 

We live over a mile from the station; Perran’s train leaves in twenty minutes.  He is still barefoot.  I should offer him a lift, but run the risk of chewing his head off if I spend one moment more in his company. 

Instead, as I’m sure he is hoping I will, I drive his sister to school and leave him be.

Mid-morning I get a text to say he got there on time. Mid-afternoon, another saying that the interviewer had assured him that they would make him an offer - he is the kind of person they want.  Presumably, he did manage to get his shoes and socks on then.