Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Last School Yule

Already the music concerts are past their best for me: like overblown roses whose scent tells you that their time is nearly done.  Last year I thoroughly enjoyed school performances, knowing I had more to attend this year.  But in Year Thirteen  the picture has changed – for a long time Perran has been first alto sax in the jazz band, but now I see him stand aside for soloists from the years below.  It’s time for him to move on to a larger arena, but am I ready?

Today Perran and Carenza headed off in casual clothes for the last day of term – school charity day.  Once upon a time Carenza’s floor would have been littered with discarded outfits as she searched for something perfect to wear, but now, after so many charity days, the twins are blasé.  As Upper Sixth,  they and their friends are now poised at that delicate balancing point that they have striven for six years to attain – the top of the pile.  I hope they can find time amidst the celebrations and assignments of Year Thirteen to enjoy the fragile equilibrium before the summer arrives and they roll on again.