Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Is it an Offer?

When Carenza gets home from school, I tell her that a letter has arrived . 

- An offer? Is it an offer?

In fact it is from her head teacher congratulating her on a talk she gave on open evening.  I thought she’d be happy, but she says, 

- I thought it might be an offer. 

The following day, there is indeed an offer from Birmingham.  It’s their standard offer for history, but she’s as pleased as if they’d asked her for two E’s.  She is free to imagine a future now.  She can begin to see herself walking up to the great domed hall – although hopefully the Biblical flood we encountered on open day will have drained away. 

For the next two days, Perran’s normally excellent posture is slightly slumped.  Then, two mornings later, he bounds into the kitchen grinning - there has been an equaliser – he has an interview at Manchester.  Most universities seem to interview for maths and philosophy rather than straightaway making an offer.  Strange that some of the more introspective candidates get interviewed while gregarious humanities hopefuls receive their offers in silence. 

Just as with Birmingham for his sister, Manchester slips into being a favourite, at least for the time being.