Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Time for Panic

Today is the last day of the half term holiday and has a slightly scary hung-over feel.  Carenza is wrestling with an essay on the origins of WWI, Perran is hopefully soon to get on the return train from his visit to Lou at the University of Swansea.  Presumably any remaining assignments will be polished off on the journey. 

We’ve packed a lot in, both educational and social and it feels like a week well-used.

The next five weeks are the last clear run before the exam period and this term always feels shorter than it should – something to do with the moon and the timing of Easter.  Anxious teachers will undoubtedly be working Perran and Carenza hard and slipping in extra assignments.  In Norwich, too, Pascoe must set his round of PhD interviews behind him and try to make up ground on his final year project and the lectures he has missed.

The pressure will be on.  This cold, iron grey weather is fitting. 

As the temperature softens and the birds start calling in the trees, as buds start to swell and Spring becomes undeniable, it will be harder for them to apply themselves, but for now, they are glued to their books, and I am glad to see them panicking.