Sunday, 17 February 2013

All in Perspective

Over the last year, we’ve had periods of anxious waiting after hitting the send button on the UCAS application, after University interviews. However, the last couple of days has made those times look like a stroll in the proverbial park. 

One of the reasons for visiting Cornwall was that my father was having a routine operation, although when you are eighty, with various other medical conditions, there is no such thing as routine.  My mother sat by the phone all afternoon waiting for news.  Six hours after the op, he was not well enough to return to the ward.  Four hours later, they were taking him for more surgery.  It was 1am before we heard that he was back from the theatre.  The next morning, he was still in Recovery.

I am glad to have Perran with me, a calm and sensitive presence.

Also glad that I wasn’t the wrong number that Dad rang repeatedly and at length, early this morning: he is back on the ward at last, feeling much better and anxious to see us.