Sunday, 3 February 2013

Desert Island Old Students

A couple of days ago, I posted a new item about the music that current students believe will always remind them of their time at university Desert Island Students
A little earlier I had collected the same information from friends who were mostly students in the early eighties.  Their choices are available on a new page: Desert Island Old Students .
In spite of us being contemporaries, there's a surprising variety, but also some consensus around Hi Ho Silver Lining  (in spite of Nick Hornby's scathing comments in High Fidelity - Mr Hornby, even you cannot ruin that track for me).
Choices reflect the highs rather than the lows of student life - let this be a comfort to struggling current final year undergrads - the bad memories fade more quickly than the glorious ones.  In thirty years' time, you'll really believe that it was all one long party.
If you have any other tracks to suggest, email me at My Moon-Shot .