Thursday, 21 February 2013


Last night, Perran, Carenza, Nigel and I were finally Home.  And Pascoe joined us via Skype.   The question is whether Perran and Pascoe have now discovered their future homes for the next four years.

In between watching The Brits we discuss this. 

Pascoe is thrilled with his interview at Glasgow.

“You’ve done really well, Pascoe,” says Nigel to the webcam.

“Fantastic,” I say.

“Um.  I think Emili Sande’s on now,” says Perran.

We sign off with Pascoe and during the next ad break Nigel asks Perran how he found Bristol. 

“Yeah – there was a really good relationship between the staff and students.  Um – is that Mumford now?”

In the end, The Brits supply Perran and Pascoe with the answers they need to our questions about Glasgow and Bristol.  One Direction are the masters of expression.  What they say is so exquisitely well articulated that I am almost moved to tears:

“It was amazing!”