Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Itchy Trigger

Now that all of Perran and Carenza’s UCAS offers are in, it feels weird not to reply.  Like being offered a box of Thornton's truffles and not taking one. 

But I’m trying not to rush the twins, as ranking the offers depends on three things:

Where do you want to go?

When we attended open days, it was all about finding the best place for your subject – is the teaching research-led, how many contact hours do you get? 

And, would you rather be on a peaceful campus where rabbits frolic on the lawns or in the centre of a buzzing city where somebody will throw up in your hood as you wend your way back from the clubs?

Or the nebulous “Do you get a good feeling about the place?”

Where will have you?

But the reality is that as the marks trickle in for modules, retakes and coursework, the twins need to figure out which offers they are likely to be able to fulfil.  The longer we leave it before selecting our firm and insurance universities, the more likely it is that we will choose the right ones.  In a way, the firm choice is easier to make than the insurance as it is mostly about their aspirations – the place they most want to go.  The insurance offer is more critical since it is where they will end up if their final exams don’t go as planned. 

Who is flexible?

Some universities will not compromise – if you put them first, but drop a grade, you will not be gracing the twilight depths of their particular students’ union.  Others, however, say that if you put them first, they might be prepared to make a special case for you should you have a nasty surprise on results day in August.  Having your cake and eating it – worth taking time to find out who’s who.

So we’ll leave it for the time being and make our choices when we have more information.

Great UCAS advice on accepting offers is available at