Thursday, 28 February 2013

Viral Goats

One of the things I shall miss most about having teenagers at home is the cry from the computer of

“Come and Look at this!”

I shall never take the time myself to keep abreast of the complete nonsense which is trending on Twitter or going viral on YouTube.

Perhaps that will be a good thing as far as my morale is concerned.

Sometimes YouTube features hard-working artists, like “In the Key of Awesome”, Being a little less than kind to our beloved One Direction.
Little Things - The Key of Awesome

Another favourite of mine was The Midnight Beast, now apparently old hat as far as YouTube is concerned.
The Midnight Beast - House Party

But definitely less edifying is the fact that a few goats making weird noises can get as many hits as painstaking writing and performances, like those above.
Goats Yelling Like Humans
Even more worrying is the way that this bizarre video seems to be seeping into our everyday lives.  The other day, Carenza was walking through school when a girl in front of her called out to her friend in a bleat that sounded like a goat yelling like a human.  Was this life imitating art? Or was it life imitating art imitating goats imitating humans?