Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Prepare for the Prom

The first inklings of the Prom have been insinuating themselves into my ears for a little while.  But now, the starter’s pistol has been fired and the marathon has truly begun.  The precipitating event? The first frocks have been bought.  

There is no time to waste – after all, the Prom is in June, only 4 months in which to construct an image and fully accessorise.

I hope that this time, the girls go to good old fashioned shops and try on their purchases.  There is a whole industry of websites displaying glossy princess dresses sparkling on perfect models, but the most important thing, surely, is that the dress fits the girl and complements her colouring. 

Carenza says, “I’m hoping to channel a little of Audrey.”

“Audrey Niffenegger who wrote the Time Traveller’s Wife?  That could be nice – she’s very arty.”

I am an idiot – she means Audrey Hepburn.

Carenza knows exactly how she wants her dress to look.

Hooray – my daughter has a mature understanding of her own aesthetic values.

Boo – when you know exactly what you want, you can never find it in the shops.

But it’s the guys who will find it really tough – when, at the end of weeks of deliberation, their girls have finally assembled their outfits, the poor souls will have to dash out and get a tie to match.
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