Friday, 8 February 2013

Save the Last Dance

Last night I went to my final dance show at Perran and Carenza’s school.  Over six and a half years Perran has transformed from a tentative performer who had to keep a weather eye on what his neighbours were doing to a confident and skilled contemporary dancer who can command the stage.  Last night his dance teacher shed a few tears after he performed a duet with his dear friend Amy to Paloma Faith’s aptly named “Never Tear us Apart”.

Today, for the first time in many years, there is no dance performance for which Perran is rehearsing.  He has received great acclaim from teachers and class-mates alike, and now it all feels  flat.  No doubt he will revive as he launches into the coming weekend of partying, but in the meantime, he will need to work out whether serious dance lies mainly in his past, or whether he just can’t bear to give it up. 

If the answer is that dance is essential to him, it will influence his choice of university – most provide ballroom and salsa clubs, but one which offers students classes in ballet and contemporary is rarer.  Another stepping stone to deciding which offer to accept.