Monday, 18 February 2013

Top Gear

On Friday, we were driving down to Cornwall.  At Bristol, I ask Perran if he would mind driving the next section so I can rest for a bit.  He looks at me as if I am mad,

“I haven’t taken my test yet.”

I feel like saying “I know – why is that?” but actually, there’s a very good reason.  To us, the driving license is an important bullet point on the CV when our children apply for jobs. To them, it could represent freedom.  However, although we pay the insurance while they are still learners, the cost of three new drivers is prohibitive.  No wonder then that they are not motivated to learn  – as soon as they pass their test, they will drive no more.

But if we did insure them to drive, how much we would be taking away from them.  Living in a town and attending their local school has meant that they always have friends to walk home from parties with.  They have learned to use public transport – trains, buses and tube.  Most of all, if Perran and Carenza could drive, would they ever walk or cycle anywhere? 

Fine ideals, but on Friday I would have swapped them all for a co-driver.