Monday, 11 February 2013

You're so Old

Bored on the door of Perran and Carenza’s eighteenth birthday party, I nursed my list of guests-to-be-ticked-off.  It used to be that if a party was due to start at 7.30, the young guests would arrive in one huge clump at 7.28, but now they saunter up in cool dribs and drabs.

My older son, Pascoe, livened up our vigil by telling me some You’re So Old jokes.

“You’re so old that when you were young, the only other complex organisms were slime moulds.

When you were young and everything was made of stone, didn’t clothes chafe?

Your face is getting so saggy that soon you won’t need a broom to sweep the ground.”


This was such splendid fun and made me feel so good about myself that I began to ask guests for their jokes as they arrived.   Many of them looked startled – after all, at a teen party parents should be seen and not heard (and actually preferably not seen either).  Greg, however, did us proud with:

“You’re so old you knew Bruce Forsyth when he was in his sixties.

Was it difficult to learn to drive a car when they hadn’t invented the wheel yet?”

Thanks, Greg.

Eventually Perran, clearly worried that I was scaring his guests, came out into the foyer and told me,

“You’re so old you sit at an eighteenth birthday party and ask for you’re so old jokes.”

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