Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Carenza's Choice

Photo by Cara
I was just blogging about how quiet things were when I happened to look over my shoulder and see that the screen in front of Carenza was showing UCAS Track.

She was staring quietly at her five beautiful offers for History degrees – offers which had been there for several weeks now.


“I think it’s time, Mum.”

“There’s nothing else you need to clear up?”


She leans forward and puts Oxford as firm choice – they are asking for three As and “successful completion of AS Latin”.

Then really there’s only one sure-fire insurance choice – Birmingham, offering AAB, a fall-back she could be happy with.

Done !

I celebrate at dinner time by getting a left-over Christmas pudding out of the freezer.

“But Mum, it’s nearly April!”   

“Look outside.”

The twins regard the bleak snow-scene in the garden, then bend their heads to their pudding with no further objections.