Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Carenza’s Top Revision Tipsicles

I asked Carenza for her top revision tips.  She was giggling to herself in a deranged way when she gave me these. Can't think why.


FREE TIME – although you will need to be doing actual work (not tea-making or doing bubble writing) for the majority of time, if you don’t allow yourself some relaxation the quality of your work will plummet.

ARRANGE TARGETS – if you don’t know what you’re aiming for, chances are you won’t achieve much; setting yourself clear and reasonable targets for each hour, day or week will give you a sense of satisfaction when you get there and keep you on track.

ROPE IN FAMILY MEMBERS – asking a willing brother/mum/uncle/pet goldfish to test you on something that you were supposed to be learning will motivate you to get it done and give you a variation in activity to prevent total boredom.

TIMETABLE – this is the key to all successful revision: planning your time means you can factor in other elements of your life and balance your time over different
subject areas as well as planning to use different activities.

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