Thursday, 21 March 2013


"Hi Mum,” says Perran as I come in.

“Brilliant news.  There’s this competition that I’ve been waiting for at school.  To go on a trip. We have to enter in pairs and say what we’ll do for the school in return if we win.  The whole thing is only going to cost us £60 if we win, so is it okay to enter?”

Carenza has had three school trips this year and Perran none.  He deserves a treat, so even though I’m not quite sure what the deal is, I say “Yes, of course.”

He is already ringing his friend Amy.

“Hi.  So we’re entering together?  Great.  Maybe we could offer some assemblies?  Yeah.  Good idea.  And we’re not taking too much time out before exams?  No – I don’t think so either.  Really hope we get it.  Just one thing – what’s this extra day that we have to go to London for?...Really?  Counselling?”


Perran’s enthusiasm is such that I had imagined some pleasant cultural event.  But they don’t usually involve counselling afterwards.  (Although it might be desirable after watching some amateur dramatics companies I can think of.)

“Perran, where is it you’ll be going if you win?”