Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cost of Living it Up

All year Perran and Carenza’s friends have been turning eighteen.  Pubs and clubs have become increasingly part of the scene, but this term with lots of February and March birthdays, critical mass has been reached and events are revolving around these venues. 

Good stuff:

 Youngsters are probably safer in a pub than they are loitering.  (Not that P&C ever loitered overly).  It’s great that there’s somewhere that they can go for a really good dance – although they resolutely refuse to take the nice woolly jumpers I gave them for Christmas.

Gross disadvantage:

These places cost money.  Hanging about at somebody’s house wishing you could be in the pub is cheaper than actually going to the pub.  And clubs are worse – what is a modestly-priced night out for somebody who is earning can wipe out most of a week’s wages if you are dependent on a Saturday job. 

I’m hoping that the flurry of interest will die down and clubbing become the way to mark high days and holidays and certainly not too many weekdays.

And there’s another reason – I enjoy it when the twins have their friends round for a party.  Meeting up at our house may be lame by comparison with a club, but at least it’s cheap.