Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cottage Pie Madras

Yesterday, when Perran and Carenza’s school offered the upper sixth a day of preparing for university by budgeting with their loan/grant and cooking some nourishing dishes, only 25 pupils turned up.  I can’t blame the others as they are all scrabbling to complete essays and notes for their June exams.  Their reasoning is that unless they perform well academically, they won’t be going to university at all.  With the January results in and the end of term looming, A2 nemesis is far more imminent. It’s easy now to count the days.

However, those who attended the session will reap the benefits.  In fact, they have already reaped some benefits – as I returned home last night, I opened the door on a delicious aroma.  Carenza had just re-heated a cottage pie madras (à la curry powder) as her after-school snack. For lunch she had eaten a tuna bake and for dinner, she intended another cottage pie (“Sasoon didn’t want his”). 

She couldn’t share with Perran and me as we don’t eat meat, so we watched her enviously from across our card-boardy supermarket pizzas.  I don’t think I ever cooked anything that smelt so delicious when I was at Uni.

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