Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Die Cast

Perran with statue of John Cabot, Bristol
The moment has arrived.  Perran has confirmed a change in his A2 modules with the universities.  There is nothing now to stop him logging on to UCAS Track and selecting his final two offers. 

Suddenly it is all happening so fast.  For weeks he has been undecided between Bristol and Manchester.  He has attended a maths course and an interview at Manchester and a post-offer open day at Bristol.  He has thoroughly investigated the Maths and Philosophy Course at each university and slightly favours the maths at Manchester, the philosophy at Bristol. 

Both are buzzing big cities in contrast to the market town we live in.  Both have active dance societies and a multitude of chances to play the sax.

I follow him into his room:

“I know it’s really difficult to choose, Perran…”

“Actually, I’ve just done it.  There you are…”

I look at the screen.  He has put Bristol as his firm choice and Manchester as insurance because Manchester is asking for one grade less so he has both a firm and insurance choice which he would be very happy with.

Alea iacta est.  Which for those not preparing to do a Classics PGCE (as I am) means the die (dice) has been cast.