Friday, 29 March 2013

Good Friday

Patches of snow form a grim fringe to the hedgerows.  The buds haven’t budded and the flowers haven’t bloomed, BUT, this morning Nigel and I went for a walk and at times the sun was laying a soft sheen over the fields and we could hear the excited anticipation of warmer weather in the chirruping of the birds.

Good Friday is by its nature a grim day when we contemplate the agony of Christ, and that is what our family will be doing at church this afternoon.

The joy of Easter is supposed to burst out with the news of the resurrection on Easter Day.  However, just like the promise of the sun on the fields, I already have a gleam of happiness in my heart because my family is all gathered in at home for the long Easter weekend. 

Pascoe is back belatedly from university – he stayed on to try to complete his final year project at the Institute for Food Research where he is working on E. coli.  He arrived home late last night.  He didn’t want dinner – he had been to WagaMama’s with friends and had received unprecedentedly excellent service.  Belatedly he realised that he had failed to remove his large laminated ID that said he was from “Food Hygiene”.