Thursday, 28 March 2013

Imaginary Balls of Energy

Today is the end of the last “normal” term at school for Perran and Carenza.  They and their friends are trying to resist the tickle of sore throats, just like busy executives who keep going for months only to succumb to a summer cold on the day their annual leave begins. 

As usual, as others are winding down, musicians are working even harder - the Spring Concert was last night and Carenza came with Nigel and I to watch Perran.  When it was the sax band’s turn, on came several performers with normal-sized alto saxes, then a lower sixth boy with a large tenor sax, then to audible gasps, Perran with a truly massive instrument. I asked him if he’d put compost on his alto, but it turns out the school has bought a baritone sax.

Even after the end of school this evening, Carenza has a couple of hours of Latin and Perran a performance with the School Contemporary Dance Company.  I have seen the dance before – they throw and catch little imaginary balls of energy.  I will suggest Perran hangs on to a couple of them and stuffs them into an equally imaginary ruck-sack to keep him going as he works through the holidays on revision that is all too real.

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