Saturday, 2 March 2013

Part Time Job

For three years now, Perran has been doing a paper round.  In fact, for most of that, two paper rounds.  Huge discipline is involved in getting up at 6:45am seven mornings a week and then cycling to the paper shop a mile away, performing two paper rounds and then back again to shower and change into smart school clothes, then walking back to school, a mile away. It doesn’t pay well but Saturdays are consumed by dance classes, and in our house, Sundays are special, so he doesn’t have many options.

Carenza shares a Saturday job with a friend, meaning she works every second Saturday.  Hers is a legendarily cushy job in an up-market card shop.  There is only so much straightening of cards that she can do, allowing her time furtively to memorise French vocab or scan a history article. However, she does have a good one-liner for every anniversary and birthday now. 

When it is a sunny Saturday, and Carenza has already spent all week in school, I do wonder whether sitting in a shop is the best use of her time.  When Perran is working late into the evening, I worry about his early start. 

However, there is no better way to learn to value money than to earn it, so I can only trust that the sacrifices they are making now are worthwhile in terms of life skills learned.