Sunday, 24 March 2013

Life after Life

Poker Night
I don’t remember pronouncing this last weekend a Lull, but for us it was, perhaps because of the snow.   UCAS has not been greatly advanced.  However, I’m developing Hobba’s First Law of Young People  - something to do with abhorring a vacuum and social events rushing in to fill a space.  On Friday, Carenza asked if she could have a few friends round for poker and we envisaged 6-8 people sat round quietly – in fact it was like a cross between that scene in The Hobbit where more and more dwarves turn up on Bilbo’s doorstep combined with a casino scene fom a 1970s’ Bond film – i.e. more people than we were expecting turned up, but they were very nicely dressed.

Perran has continued his recent experiments in how little sleep an eighteen-year-old can survive on – Friday night out clubbing ‘til threeish (a little vague here) and Saturday babysitting ‘til around midnight, followed both mornings by the early paper round.  On Saturday, Perran and Carenza slogged off through the snow to dance classes and part-time job. 

So I guess it hasn’t really been a lull.  It just felt like one to me because I spent most of Saturday absorbed in reading Life after Life by Kate Atkinson in order to review it for Third Way Magazine.  Appropriately, it starts and ends with snow and asks some deep questions in a witty way.  Thanks for a lull, Kate Atkinson.