Friday, 8 March 2013


Photo by Carenza
Yesterday was the news we’d been waiting for – the results of the January modules and re-sits.  It was the last critical piece of information about which of their university offers Perran, Carenza and their friends have a chance of meeting. 

Thrillingly, some of their friends have finally, quite late in the day, begun to shine and hard work has paid off.  Sadly, others have been diligent and enthusiastic but have been let down by their results. 

A friend who takes the bookings for a private firm which runs revision courses said she had been very busy yesterday with swarms of pupils from a variety of different places who were desperate to improve on their grades.

For the disappointed, it’s difficult to know how many papers it would be wise to re-sit in the summer as these will impact on other A2 exams.  Some are now considering taking another year to get the grades they are truly capable of. 

For those who desperately want to go to university this autumn but will be unable to meet any of the offers they hold, another option is to look at UCAS Extra - it's possible to reject offers that are too high and pick one more university.
Perran and Carenza each had at least one splendiferous result and one somewhat less than fabulous, but appear to be on course for attaining the grades they need for the universities they wish to attend (as always, Deo Volente – as long as God wills it).