Saturday, 16 March 2013

Should You be Wearing That?

Friday was a “wear what you like day” at Perran and Carenza’s school, in aid of Comic Relief.  I was helping with a Latin class and admired the outfits. Emily in hot pink lace said, “I think every day should be a no uniform day.”

For Perran and Carenza it soon will be.  Although there is no uniform in the Sixth Form there is a strict dress code.  Perran has expressed himself creatively to the very limits of the regulations.  Sometimes, seeing him, teachers have doubted their own judgement:

“Perran – should you be wearing that?”

To which his answer is always a firm “Yes.”

As undergraduates, they will almost never wear a suit.  At the moment, having rules and a limited number of smart outfits cuts down decision time in the morning.  In the Autumn, they might find themselves having to get up a whole hour earlier just to decide what to wear to lectures. 

They might become butterflies of high fashion, sporting gauzy fabrics and pouts in seminars.

Or they might just hook on jeans and a jumper and slouch off to campus.