Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Why doesn’t Perran hit the button on his firm and insurance university offers, I wondered last Friday.

“Perran, why don’t you hit the button on your firm and insurance offers?”

“Mmm. There’s a … thing.”


“Yeah, when I filled out my UCAS form, I had to say the modules I was doing for Further Maths and I put down Further Pure 3, but then the whole class except me voted to do Statistics 2, so it changed.”

“Does that matter?  After all, you’re still doing the same subjects.”

“It might - it does mean my form’s wrong, so technically it could make my offer void. BUT I already told Manchester about it at my interview, and I just emailed undergraduate admissions at Bristol today.”

Not bad.  

However, I’m doubtful about sending a subject-specific query to a general admissions office.  On Monday, when Perran returns from school, it is time to nag, er, facilitate, once more.  “Just ring up the Maths Department,” I urge. 

Perran, who enjoys making telephone enquiries as much as I do, responds by lying flat on the carpet and groaning, “In a minute, in a minute.”

But luckily, when he signs on to the computer, there is already an efficient response from Bristol – the change in module is fine.

So there is nothing now to stop him from making his selection and pressing the button…

To be continued.