Friday, 15 March 2013

Something Beautiful

A little while ago, three lovely ladies won me in a fundraising auction.  Last Friday night, it was  time to collect – they rang the doorbell and I showed them into the kitchen.  The table was littered with hammer, drill, metal files and a small kiln glowing at 900˚.  This was no dinner party that they had bid for.  At the start of the evening, we had a bare sheet of copper in front of us, by the end, three very individual and accomplished pieces of enamel jewellery.

Satisfied with the evening, I went  in search of Nigel.  He had something to tell me. 
Earlier that evening, he had Skyped Pascoe for news of his PhD applications.  From the out-set, Glasgow’s had been the research about which Pascoe was passionate.  By the time Glasgow interviewed him, however, he was already holding offers from two other good institutions.  Shortly after  interview, he received an informal email – “You will be receiving an offer”.   
But time ticked on, and we began to fret as the deadlines for accepting his other offers loomed.  Glasgow assured him the offer was on its way.  His first offer passed its deadline, then his second.  He was now holding no cards. 
But the place at Glasgow would be worth it.  As long as the offer came through. 
And finally, that day, it had.  He needs to achieve a 2:1 and he will be off to Glasgow in September. Beautiful!