Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Blinking of an Eye

Perran and Carenza’s older brother, Pascoe, is a final year undergraduate at UEA.  This year he has been asked by the Biology Department to give the student’s perspective talk at open days.  It doesn’t seem five minutes since I drove him to a blisteringly hot Norwich open day and tried not to pass out in the exceptionally well-attended welcome lecture.

“What do you talk to them about?” 

“I tell them how respected UEA Biology is; how it can help to land prestigious internships and great careers. How, whatever you’re studying, you can go to any lecture in any subject – I go to ones on human rights law.  The best bit is going to lunch with the candidates afterwards – that’s when I get the questions.”

Carenza too has given talks at school open evenings and into the sixth form events, and Perran has been there playing his sax at the beginning and end of the evening.

Although all three of my children are moving on, they are glad to be contributing to the future of their school/university.  Many of the youngsters who attended those open days will have been influenced by Pascoe, Perran and Carenza, but they will start their lives there only after they have gone.  And then, in what feels to their Mum like the blinking of an eye, one day they’ll be giving the talks themselves.