Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Josie and Dali making tea-cosies at church.
I’m going to miss Wednesdays when I start my full-time PGCE course in the Autumn.   Wednesday is a very full day if you go to the little C of E church that I attend.  This morning, there’s women’s group at Josie’s house – we’re following a spiritual Lent Course.  At the end, we pray for one another.  We also nurture our own perspectives – on Wednesday mornings, there is no doubt that God is a Mother and that Martha (whom Jesus rebuked for excessive housework) is a hero.
The afternoon finds many of my friends cutting out cardboard sheep and practising action songs, ready for an after-school children’s service.  Meanwhile, Carole and I take a group of the elderly and encourage them to share their memories (often with action songs in the background).  Alison at the children’s service always sends across some cake to us.
In the evening, Nigel and I head along to our home group at Hilary’s - more prayer and bible study with people whom we’ve come to regard as family. This, at least, I shall still be able to get to next year, although I think I’d better start booking a whole sofa to myself at Hilary’s – at the end of the working day and commute, I might need a lie down.