Monday, 9 September 2013

Back to School

Summer fun now officially over
As all the children lie sleeping, I have got up and got dressed, assembled my packed lunch, packed my satchel. 

Unlike all the others, I’m back to school.

I am attending our local junior school as part of my PGCE, for which lectures etc start in earnest next week.

It feels like stepping back in time, especially as it was at these very tiny tables and desks where I once sat down to help in my children’s classrooms, feeling like the proverbial elephant riding a moped.

I am very familiar with the insides of the tardis-like PTA cupboard.

But this time, I have a grown-up professional reason for being there – I am to observe teaching and regimes and policies within the school in order to learn to become a teacher.

I have a proper notebook for the task.

As I pop it in my bag, I realise – even my exercise book is one of Perran’s old school ones.
I hope to report back later on how my first day went.

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