Sunday, 15 September 2013

New Diary

A month ago, Carenza bought me a massive new diary.
It makes an ominous thump sound as it hits my desk.  I guess she’s marking the fact that I’m going to be much busier now.  Today is the day that I go along to Homerton College to register and I just don’t know where all the time went.

My desk was supposed to be clear, my filing system as free and airy as if it had just received colonic irrigation.  However, books and papers are still stacked up everywhere.  (I am trying desperately not to resort to the constipation metaphor, but I think it’s in all our minds now.)  In spite of the gigantic size of the diary, I even managed to lose that for a couple of weeks.

About three years ago, Gill and I were removing all the donated (!) junk modelling materials (AKA grade one fire hazard) from beneath the stairs in church, but as we reached the bottom of the pile, Gill pulled her hand out hurriedly – she had grasped a baby hedgehog settling in to hibernate.

I reckon that if I cleared my desk properly, I might very well find a badger, or maybe even a wild boar under that lot.

And the hedgehog?  Carenza and I reared it through the winter and released it in the local woods in Spring.

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