Friday, 6 September 2013

No Driving Practice

No Driving Practice

For some time now, my life has revolved around little car-based errands.  They fitted in with Perran and Carenza’s need for driving practice.  It was my attempt to make myself feel I was achieving something in spite of the fact that I was spending all my time slumped grumpily in the passenger seat of my Fiesta.  We would drive to the next town to pick up an order from PC world, or to our nearest retail park to solve wardrobe crises at Next or M&S. (Just what should a middle-aged trainee teacher wear? Children can be very cruel, you know.)

Trouble is, the practice driving stopped on Tuesday when both the twins passed their test.  We’ve decided not to pay the exorbitant motor insurance rates as they will soon be off to university.   So no practice is now needed.

My irritating errands, however, have carried on, since I am in the habit of setting them up – getting items delivered next day to a nearby store, for instance, rather than them arriving at our house a week later when I’m out.

However, I need a return to sanity now – back to two wheels rather than four.  This morning I undertook my final errand – to pick up a bicycle basket.