Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Last…

I know by now, that as a family grows and evolves, most “last”s pass by unremarked.  It is only a couple of years afterwards that you realise that a particular day in July was not just the last time you took the kids to the swimming pool, but probably the last time you will ever take them.

And so it was last Sunday.  After church, we had a family walk on the rolling chalk-land around Ivinghoe Beacon, a place that we’ve always enjoyed, then picked umpteen pounds of elderberries for wine, then home for tea and cake, followed rather too closely by a decent dinner.  I lit some tea-lights, which means it was special.  A good day.

Also, as it turns out, the last sunday that we will all be together for some months.  This week Pascoe took up an invitation to travel in Eire and by the time he returns, Perran will have been launched on an unsuspecting Bristol – he only this week received his accommodation and arrival details.

I’m glad we didn’t realise at the time that it was our last Sunday as a family – it was better not knowing!

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