Thursday, 19 September 2013


So I had heard that a full-time PGCE course would be tough and immersive, especially as I drive for over an hour to get there every morning.

“Good,” I thought:  not only will I be training for the next stage of my working life, but it will take my mind off the departure of my children for university.

My mind is spinning with ID cards, permits, passwords, wifi keys, library systems, files brimming with pro formas and websites swimming in information.  I have met so many new people, heard so many lectures.  I feel I have lived an entire lifetime and it is only Thursday.

So has it stopped me from moping over my babies as they depart?

Nope – Perran leaves on Saturday, and although I often forget for a whole hour at a time I’m still inclined to be a bit weepy. 

But right this moment, I’d better blow my nose as I have about a thousand pages of notes to stuff into my various folders.