Sunday, 8 September 2013

Windows 8

We have used thrift and recycling to avoid much of the expense of equipping our children for university.  Partly because we knew we would have to fork out for laptops – expensive.  Desirable, up-to-date,  lightweight models with plenty of poke seem all to sport the controversial Windows 8 operating system.  If one follows the PC (rather than Apple) route, and doesn’t fancy grappling with more niche systems like Ubunto, Windows 8 is now unavoidable.   I too have bought a new laptop for my course and, last night, asked Pascoe to hold my hand while I tried to get to grips with Windows 8.

The Frequently Asked Questions page, when I found it, summed up my own feelings completely:

FAQ: Where did the desktop gadgets go?

FAQ: Where is Control Panel?

FAQ: Where is Device Manager?

FAQ: Where is Task Manager?

FAQ: Where is Windows Movie Maker?

Where indeed?

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