Sunday, 6 October 2013


“It’s such a perfect day.  I’m glad I spent it with you…”
The mellow sun is low in the sky and Nigel is driving Pascoe, Carenza and myself home from seeing Perran in Bristol while Lou Reed is serenading us from the CD player. 
For my birthday, I like to get the family together, but had thought that it would not be possible this year since everybody is destined to be studying far from home.  But to my delight, we managed it.
Pascoe’s departure for Edinburgh has been delayed until January, Carenza doesn’t set off for Oxford until tomorrow.  So all we had to do was drive all the way to Bristol to be with Perran.  Oh, and celebrate my birthday three days early.
Perran was lucky that one of his flatmates also had parents visiting, so tidying the flat had probably been a joint effort.  It looked very civilised.   However, eagle-eyed Carenza triumphantly pointed out a takeaway pizza box on a shelf in the kitchen.
“That,” said Perran with dignity, “Is the cardboard recycling.”
My best birthday present this year was to see that after only two weeks, Perran is settled and thriving at Bristol.

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